Xpace Cultural Centre
303 Lansdowne Ave. Unit 2, Toronto
Role: Curator

Spectres of the Future
A group exhibition presented in partnership with Images Festival
April 10th - May 2nd, 2015


Selected Works:
Victoria Delle Donne, Compression (2014)
single channel video

James Rollo, I Can’t Actually See What You’re Doing (2014) interactive projection

Franco Arcieri, Radio Spirit/Death Channel (2014)
sound installation with AM/FM radios

Sook Jung, Hologramom (2014)

Exhibition Statement

Spectres of the Future is a group exhibition of student works that combines analogue and digital artworks that reflect on the meaning of presence in a society saturated by technologies of representation. The physical presence of the viewer is made necessary in this exhibition to animate the works themselves, engaging in a discussion of immaterial/material and presence/absence across communication networks, magnetic fields, and digital worlds. Holograms, theremins, and, interactive projections, foreground the complexity of the physical body in a technical world, where intimate exchange is complicated by immaterial distance. Together, Victoria Delle Donne, James Rollo, Franco Arcieri, and Sook Jung, each interrogate this physical world with their ghostly imagery in order to access a more metaphysical one.

More information about the exhibition can be found on the Images Festival website.
Read the exhibition catalogue here.