Commissioned Exhibition Essays

InterAccess (September 2019)
Exhibition Title: Janus
Essay Title: Dataism
Featuring work by Tasman Richardson

Hamilton Artists Inc. (Hamilton) (July 2019)

Exhibition Title: Cadence
Essay Title: Time Is. Time Was. Time Is Past.
Featuring work by Joshua MacDonald and Maria Simmons

Ryerson Artspace (Toronto) (April 2016)
Exhibition Title: Meld With Something
Essay Title: Beautiful Failure and Other Things Artists Do Best
Featuring works by Christopher Lacroix & afallenhorse, Tommy Kha, Erin Whittier, Rebecca Zynomirski
Curated by Christopher Lacroix and Erin Whittier

InterAccess (Toronto) (July 2015)
Exhibition Title: Marc De Pape's The Chime
Essay Title: The Nature of Sound
Featuring work by Marc De Pape
Curated collectively by InterAccess

Hamilton Artists Inc. (Hamilton) (April 2015)
Exhibition Title: Tapestry: Queering the Gaze
Essay Title: Trans Figurations:  Locating Futurity in Art History 
Featuring work by JJ Levine
Curated by Caitlin Sutherland