Untitled Art Space
436 Columbia St.
Vancouver, BC
Role: Co-curated with Lauren Zbarsky

Mediated Visions in Time and Space
A group exhibition
April 4th - May 26th, 2018


With works by Jo Holland, Cristina Sabaiduc, Ryan Mathieson, Pedro Ferreira, Jesse Treece

Exhibition Statement

Early on in its history photography was hailed as a technology capable of translating truth. With critical reflection by authors like Susan Sontag, Stuart Hall, and Roland Barthes, it has been recognized that camera-based imagery offers an altered reality which is itself subjective and unreliable, influenced by both the photographer and viewer’s interpretation. While photography makes claims toward empirical documentation, the mediating impact of the lens produces an imperfect record. Mediated Visions in Time and Space occurs within the unstable space of the photographic reality, exploring the transcendental, interpretive, mutable and otherworldly dimensions embedded within the filmic image. This group exhibition explores the perceptual boundaries of lens-based practice, both technically and conceptually through a diversity of modes which include slide photography, Super8 film, textile, and photo-collage.

Featured Artists

Jo Holland (UK) was born in Haworth, England in 1971. She studies photography at Staffordshire University, completing her degree in 1993. In the final year of her studies Holland invented the photographic technique which largely defines the work she creates today. Her work has been exhibited both nationally and internationally.

Cristina Sabaiduc (UK) is a fashion designer whose collections draw inspiration from natural artifacts or objects that are often overlooked or considered unappealing or non-valuable. There is an inquisitive nature to all of Cristina’s work, whether it is considering the parallels between architecture and design, or exploring organic and existential imagery. With her love for innovation, coupled with a timeless design aesthetic, Cristina Sabaiduc brings a quiet, yet powerful passion to her thought-provoking brand.

Ryan Mathieson (Canada) is an emerging artist who lives and works in Vancouver, BC. He has exhibited at the Western Front, the Audain Gallery, East Van Studios and Pith Gallery in Calgary, AB.

Pedro Ferreira (Portugal) was born in 1988, is a media artist working mainly with film, video, sound, photography and digital media. In 2013 he received his masters degree in multimedia arts and culture from the University of Porto. In 2014 he was selected for the European Media Arts Residency Exchange programme “Move On” at the Images Festival in Toronto. He has presented his works internationally in alternative spaces, festivals, galleries and museums. For the past two years he has run a live-cinema performance group called Derme and collaborated with several international artists at places such as MWW Contemporary Museum and BWA Gallery of Contemporary Art in Wroclaw, Poland and MOCCA in Toronto, Canada. Most recently his films have screened in Toronto’s 8Fest, Montreal’s Festival du Nouveau Cinema, Festival International Du Film D’Environment in Paris, New Horizons Wroclaw and Curtas Vila Do Conde and IndieLisboa in Portugal.

Jesse Treece is a collage artist living in Seattle, WA whose work combines the mundane and whimsical facets of life.

Lauren D. Zbarsky (co-curator) is a Vancouver based artist, analog photographer and curator of Untitled Art Space. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Philosophy from the University of Victoria and a Photography Certificate from Langara College. Collaboration is a central theme in both her personal work and curatorial projects. Lauren feels the process of making art and the experience of viewing it is just as important as the product. She has spent the last year working with local and national artists to create unique, interactive and collaborative projects at Untitled Art Space. Through the emphasis of the physical space, Lauren aims to connect artists and viewers in order to cultivate and grow Vancouver’s local art community.