Fever Dreams
A solo exhibition by Laura-Lynn Petrick
August 22 - August 28, 2018

Black Cat Artspace 
2186 Dundas St. W., Toronto
Role: Curator

By Laura-Lynn Petrick, part of the series  Elements

By Laura-Lynn Petrick, part of the series Elements

Fever Dreams is an exhibition of new works by photographer Laura-Lynn Petrick. A collection of unedited 35mm photographs that document this summer; a kaleidoscope of sun-soaked crystal visions, abstract landscapes and intimate portraits.

Wrought with deceptive light sources, Laura-Lynn’s images are as mystical as they are sublime. This artist’s work seems to occupy a space between photography and painting, creating optical impossibilities through the developing process. This collection captures coincidental moments of transcendence, expressed through a blurred spectrum of colour. Its vibrant hues and washed out yellows seem to imply the possibility of another world.

Fever Dreams is an intimate investigation into the personal and chance encounters of this young photographer, seen through the lens of an analogue camera. The show will consist of both photography and video.

Installation photos by Laura-Lynn Petrick.